Nick Hodge is an accomplished Cyr wheel performer and an avid aerial straps & rope artist. He is currently based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota and performs nationwide. He was a featured artist at the North Carolina Museum of Art’s 24 Year Retrospective and won the Minnesota State Fair Amateur Talent Contest. Nick teaches Cyr wheel classes, offers private lessons, and travels for workshops. In competition, Nick placed 1st at the 2019 USA Wheel Gymnastics Federation’s National Competition and 5th at the 2018 IRV Wheel Gymnastics World Championship.

Nick has performed at Aria Minneapolis, Crowne Plaza Plymouth, The Lab Theater, Mystic Lake Casino Hotel, and more!

Nick Hodge was recently accepted into the databases of Cirque du Soleil, The 7 Fingers, and others; he is available for 2019-2020 contracts, shows, and workshops.